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Hugo Goal

Play’N Go is at the forefront of tip top cartoonish casino games, and the Hugo Goal online slot carries on that fine tradition. You may know the 220-year-old troll from his previous casino slot outings at UK casino sites, but he’s back in time for the World Cup. After finding a pair of boots to fit his troll feet, Hugo takes to the pitch in the Hugo Goal slot.

It’s a simple three reel slot game, but it is sure to provide plenty of reasons to cheer this summer. Whatever happens in England’s group in Russia, you can rely on Hugo to be games developer Play’N Go’s very own Harry Kane.

In a world of samey slots based around the beautiful that hope to jump on the back of the World Cup, this stands out. The sheer fun of the cartoon visuals and game action ensure you’ll stay entertained and even beg for extra time!

You can play Hugo Goal right now at Mr Green Casino, but is it worth coming off the bench for? Find out in this Hugo Goal online slot review.

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How to Play Hugo Goal

It may only be a three reel slot, but Hugo Goal can still strike gold. Simply lay your bet of five coins, each worth a minimum of £0.05 and a maximum of £100 and spin the reels. There are five paylines, which is far fewer than some of the more complicated slots about. However, this simplicity is the key here. You won’t be baffled by whistles and bells, this is straight up slots fun.

Your hero lines up on the reels alongside his fellow players Afskylia, Don Croco and the Goat. Once the whistle blows, they are all set on lifting that trophy, but can you lead Hugo to football success? You may think it doesn’t seem likely, but in a world where Leicester City won the Premier League, anything can happen.

Hugo Goal Screenshot

Hugo Goal Features

Just because the game is simple, doesn’t mean there’s not much to it. In fact, this online slot is laden with fantastic features. Here’s a run down of what to expect when you play Hugo Goal.

Wild Symbol

Hugo himself is the Wild in Hugo Goal, substituting for any other symbol in order to make a winning line. If he helps you fill in any of the five paylines. You’re in the money. How’s that for a super sub? Hugo surely is the Ole Gunnar Solskjær of the video slots world!

Action Replay Bonus

Afskylia, Don Croco and the Goat can all appear as full stacked symbols, taking up the whole reel. This is great for opening up the possibility of some wins, but it’s even better if they cover two reels. In that case, the Action Replay Bonus comes into play, and the third reel keeps spinning until you land a sweet sweet win. This will leave you over the moon, at the end of the day, as footie pundits might say.

Free Kick Bonus

The non-character symbols can also stack, and they offer a similar bonus to the Action Replay. In this case, if the stacked whistle, ball, boots, flags or stopwatch cover two reels, you get one further shot on the third reel to land a win. There’s a lot of pressure on the set piece specialist, so hope you have the cool head of David Beckham against Greece in 2001!

Penalty Shoot Out Bonus

If you are an England fan, you might not want to hear the words penalty shoot out so close to a World Cup. However, in Hugo Goal, this is only a good thing. Here’s where you grow your multiplier to bring in up to a massive 800 times your stake. 800 times!

The good news is that it’s your job, as Hugo, to stop the penalties rather than score them.

The Hugo Goal Penalty Shoot Out Bonus launches when the same symbol covers all of the reels. You need to fend off five penalties as goalkeeper, with each save increasing the multiplier. Save one and you earn a 2x multiplier, with each subsequent save equalling 3x, 4, 5x, and then 10x.

The regular game jackpot is 80x your stake, which means with the top possible win and five penalty saves, you could bank 800x your stake. Just pray you don’t have to face the Germans. That rarely turns out well for keepers.

Should You Play Hugo Goal?

There are bigger, more showy football games out there at UK casino sites at the moment. However, don’t let that put you off. This is fun and simple, but it packs a real punch. The characters are beautiful, there’s a lot of love for Hugo, and the features are undeniably strong.

Of course, leading up to the World Cup this summer, you could take on any manner of online slots set in moodily lit stadia, with crowd roars and animated bicycle kicks aplenty, but this is completely different. Hugo Goal isn’t competing with these games, it is doing its own thing. It is an alternative that still provides plenty of excitement.

Hugo Goal is available at Mr Green Casino. Read the Mr Green Casino review here, or hit the banner below to visit straight away and get going with this fun football slots game.

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