How to Play Slots Games

How to play slots games

Slots games are available at all UK casino sites. They come in an array of designs and styles, meaning there is something to suit everybody’s tastes. They all generally involve spinning reels and winning prizes based on how they land. This article tells you how to play slots games. 

There are thousands of slots online from an array of different games providers. Each contain different features to keep the player’s attention. Some contain storylines that you progress through as you play, others tie in with a famous film, TV or musical brand.

Where to Play Slots Games

Each of the online casino sites featured on offers slots games. You can find out more about the selection on offer at each casino, including which developer’s games they stock, in the online casino reviews.

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How to Play Slots Games – The Rules

There are a number of technical terms that make playing slots games sound more complicated than it is. At the very basic level, you set the level of your bet, hit ‘Spin’ and wait to see if you are a winner. More advanced players may want to set the number of paylines they play, but most opt to use all of the available lines. Here are the very basics:


A slot game usually consists of a few columns featuring different symbols, these are the reels. As well as the visible symbols, there are more above and below on each reel, which you reveal by spinning.

Slots Games Reels


All games are different, but you can usually check the paylines before you spin. These are lines that are not visible during the spins, but they tend to run along in different patterns from the left to the right of the reels. If you land a certain number of matching symbols on a single payline, you win a prize. Some slots use different methods to judge prizes, such as NetEnt’s Cluster Pays feature.

Slots Games Paylines
Slots Games Paylines

You can cut the price of your stake by playing fewer paylines, but that also makes it more difficult to win.

Coin Value

Slots Games Coin ValueEach payline costs one ‘coin’ to play. A ‘coin’ in this case, has a variable value, which you set. You could choose to play 25 paylines at a Coin Value of £0.01 per coin, meaning your total stake for that spin costs £0.25. At £0.05 per coin, your total stake per spin is £1.25. You can increase the value of your prizes by increasing the coin value.

You could choose to play just one payline at a coin value of £1. Your total spin would cost £1 and your prizes would be worth a lot more than those won with a coin value of £0.05. However, you have less chance of winning, as you only use one of the possible paylines.

Bet Level

Slots Games Bet LevelSometimes you will find the term Bet Level as well as Coin Value. This give you a chance to better pick the amount you pay. The Bet Level mulitplies the Coin Value. So, a Coin Value of £0.01 at a Bet Level of 5 becomes £0.05 for each line.

Slots Terms

    • Free Spins – Free spins rounds occur in most slots. The game spins the reels itself a number of times, but you don’t pay for them. Instead, the free spins round usually multiplies your prize values. Find out the difference between a free spins round and a free spins bonus on the dedicated page.
    • Scatter Symbols – Scatters appear anywhere on the reels and trigger a win even if they don’t land on a payline. They also trigger special features such as bonus rounds or free spins.
    • Wild Symbols – These symbols substitute for any other symbol expect the Scatter when they land in the middle of a potential winning line.
    • Bonus Rounds – Scatters sometimes trigger bonus rounds, which can take all sorts of different guises. They usually provide excellent chances to win prizes.
    • Multipliers Multipliers usually appear in free spins or bonus rounds and literally multiply prize values.

Slots Game Tactics

Slots games are games of luck with random outcomes. However, you can get a feel for a game and its features to see if it is right for you. Most games provide a demo or free play mode so you can try it out before you spend any real money on it.


Check out the RTP (return to player). This is a figure, usually quoted as a percentage, that shows how much of the stakes it takes in a slot pays out in prizes. A game with a 94% RTP pays out £0.94 for every £1 staked, whilst a 96% return to player means, on average, a player receives £0.96 back for every £1 played. Obviously, this works out over the course of time and is not an exact return for every player. Some people will receive less in prizes and some will stake a little and receive hundreds, thousands or even millions of pounds back.

Slots Games RTP

Progressive Jackpots

If you want to play for huge prizes, you should look for progressive jackpot slots games. These build up a gigantic pot during the time before someone wins the top prize. Every time someone plays the game at a casino, the jackpot grows. You do not have to play at a certain site, jackpots are accessible wherever stocks that game.

Manage Your Bankroll

Online slots are not a guaranteed way to win big, so make sure you manage your bankroll and don’t simply blow your cash chasing a win. A large part of playing slots is for the fun. Only bet what you can afford, and choose a slot with a theme that interests you, whether it is related to your favourite TV show or band. That way, if you don’t win, at least you enjoyed yourself. If you also hit a bonus round and win big, that is fantastic.

No-Deposit Bonuses

You can often try out slots for free, with no-deposit bonuses. These are usually promotional offers from new casino sites to encourage you to use their service. This way, you don’t lose anything and, unlike in demo mode, you could even win some prizes.

So that is how to play slots games, now go and try for yourself!


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