Realistic Roulette Offers Casino Players a 3D Experience

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Realistic Games has caused a stir in the UK casino site world by launching the world’s first 3D online roulette table. Realistic Roulette is not just a clever name, it transports the player into the casino world like no other game. The firm has dedicated itself to creating the most lifelike experience yet in a virtual table.

You can tilt and pan, then move closer and watch the finely crafted spin of the balls with Realistic Roulette. The game is out now at online casinos that provide Realistic Games titles, and bridges the gaps between the land-based casino, virtual tables and live dealer games.

Realistic Roulette Header

Read on to find out more about Realistic Roulette and where to play it. The SpinCazino review explains all.

What is Realistic Roulette?

Realistic Games states on its website that it created Realistic Roulette with the player at the forefront of its mind. The idea is to immerse roulette fans in something so lifelike, that it blows the competition away. For many years, virtual casino tables for roulette, blackjack and baccarat were hideously blocky. They felt like playing a rubbish computer game, rather than transporting you to the glamour of the casino.

At the forefront of modern gaming technology, the firm has used the latest Web Graphics Library, coupled with exactly mimicking the way real life balls spin, to come up with something a little special.

When you play, it’s like you are the director of your own film. You can choose from a number of different camera angles, zooming in and out, looking over the table or flat on from the side. Basically, you get to explore the world in which it is set. This is unlike anything else on the market and is a nod to the growing popularity of virtual and augmented reality.

What is it Like to Play Realistic Roulette?

Robert Lee, the commercial director of Realistic Games, said this about playing Realistic Roulette, “As we have seen with slots, customers are attracted to a quality product which has been thoughtfully put together and contains innovative features.”

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“Realistic Roulette is a high-end table game that is unlike anything else on the market. More experienced players will love its authenticity, whilst the younger generation will appreciate its top-quality graphics, sound, and animation. We’re delighted to have been able to harness the latest technology to produce something truly unique and give our operating partners a genuine point of difference when it comes to this very important part of their product portfolio.”

Check out the game for yourself at CasinoHeroes. Click below to sign up and play.

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It looks stunning, plays smoothly and is a bit like a virtual table, real life casino and live dealer game, but also nothing like them at all.

How to Play Roulette

Whether you play roulette at a bricks and mortar casino or online, the rules are pretty much the same. The wheels is segmented into 37 red and black spots, a 0 and the numbers 1-36 (American roulette also has a 00). You have to guess where the ball will stop after it is placed into the spinning wheel.

You can pick a specific number, which is the most difficult to call, but also the most valuable bet. However, you can also make easier bets, such as which third of the field it will land in and whether it will be black or red. Black or red, high or low, and odd or even are the bets with the best chance of winning, but net you the lowest payout.

There are a number of extra bets and alternative rules too. Realistic Roulette adheres to La Partage, where half your money is returned if you placed an even money bet (black/red etc.) and the ball lands on the 0. Without this rule, you would lose all of your stake.

Find out more about the rules of the game at the How to Play Roulette page.

Realistic Games 3D Slot

Realistic Games has made the first 3D roulette game, but it comes on the heels of its first 3D slot. Black Ice came out in May, and also allowed players to view the action from a host of different viewpoints.

Realistic Games Black Ice Slot

Like Realistic Roulette, it is available to play on desktop, smartphone and tablet. The experience of playing on mobile is fascinating, tilting and ducking the screen until you find the angle that suits you best. It adds a whole new element to playing slots.

Live Dealer Games

If you are interested in life-like casino experiences, you could try playing live dealer games. Most UK casino sites host a bountiful live casino section, which is brimful of versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sometimes more. You join the action on a real tables with chatty and knowledgeable dealers, and it really feels like being at an actual casino.

The SpinCazino live casino section tells you how to find the live dealer sites that suit you. There’s also a guide to how to play the games and what to expect when you visit.

Play Realistic Roulette

You can play Realistic Roulette at any new casino site that offers Realistic Games products. CasinoHeroes is a great example, with a fun quest theme to keep you interested while you play. Hit the link below to visit, sign up and play.

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